Sunday, April 1, 2007

A little blurry due to excitement surely, but here I am with Elvis Presley. Well, an ETA actually (Elvis Tribute Artist). The interesting thing about ETAs-- and this is not too far-fetched being Palm Sunday/Easter-- is some ETAs sincerely believe the spirit of Elvis enters them during a performance to lend a hand. A spiritual thing. (He probably enters them later when they're in the breakfast buffet line loading up on biscuits and gravy, too.) This ETA is "Mike" and he's from Canada. The tournament was at the Mall of America and Mike was third place. This sucks because Mike truly had the best voice of the final three-- the other two sounded more like SuperKareoke. Mike runs an HVAC company in real life so we talked tech later-- he's a big fan of the late 60s Moncriefe Central Air units: "Their condensers are rugged and bulletproof," Mike claimed. "They'll truly stand the test of time, much like Elvis's Hawaii performances." Yeah, everything was in terms of Elvis or furnaces with Mike. "When I sang 'Love Me Tender,' all I had to do to get in the zone was think of how Carrier's Infinity Series Heat Pump has the maximum Heating Efficiency combined with a volume level as low as 70 db!!!" Right on, Mike! (I mean Elvis!) TCB

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